Grey Peacock Pheasant Eyed Feather


Grey Peacock Pheasant Eyed Feather

Polyplectron bicalcaratum

XL: 5.51/6.69 INCH

L:4.72/5.51 INCH

M:3.14/3.93 INCH

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Today we no longer present Chinquis’s Pheasant!

Become a very popular bird among artistic Victorian fly-fitters, salmon flies or streamers.

The variety of size of feathers with these characteristic purplish eyes; offers many uses such tail veilings, sides, cheeks and whole feather wings

The feathers of this bird appear in the manufacture of 5 splendid flies referenced in the Bible of Paul Schmookler in Vol.1 rare and unusual. 

Our feathers are first grade and all perfectly paired in size and patterns.


Specific References

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