• Au ver à soie

    Au ver à soie

    Traditional French brand manufacturing top of the line silk threads.

    Since 1820, Au Ver à Soie has passed the times with the same slogan: quality and respect for silk.
    Heir to a long French tradition, Au Ver à Soie is the world leader in silk thread.
    Marc BOUCHER director of AU VER A SOIE, is surrounded by a team of specialists and passionate fishermen to design high quality silk threads designed and manufactured by a 100% French company.
    These tying silks are available on the Lords of Rivers eShop

  • Danvise


    Danish manufacturer of high quality rotary vices.

    Made of advanced resin material, the Danvise is an excellent value, combining true fly tying rotary action with light weight for portability.

  • Foxy-Tails


    Foxy-Tails is the UK's No.1 supplier of hair and fur products to fly tyers worldwide.

  • Hareline


    One of the world's largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fly tying products. Based in Arkansas - United States.

    Founded in 1981, Hareline Dubbin, Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fly tying products. Hareline Dubbin manufactures and distributes some of the worlds finest fly tying materials available in today's market.

  • Hends


    Growing company from Czech Republic providing a great range of products with a very good value for money including dubbings sold worldwide.

  • HookBobbin

    HookBobbin is an innovative French company and designer of the HookBobbin. A modern, new generation top of the line bobbin holder with an integrated dubbing twister using components from Switzerland, the United States, Japan or France to guarantee an effective, very high quality tool.

  • Keough


    Based in Michigan (United-States) Keough propose an exceptional quality Genetic Hackle range. Complete selection of Dry Fly, Saltwater, Streamer, Flatwing, & Hen Hackle. An array of colored feathers for all your Fly Tying needs.

  • Lords of Rivers

    Lords of Rivers

    A range of products specially selected by the Lords of Rivers team for their quality, robustness and originality.

  • Metz


    In the early 1970's Metz revolutionized the fly tying world by introducing the first genetically engineered hackle to the fly fishing industry.
    They were the first to produce true "dry fly quality" hackle in a complete range of colors and sizes. A product that enabled fly tyers everywhere to imitate the natural insects more precisely than ever before. Long before artificial floatants became the norm, Metz hackles were floating dries through the fastest of riffles.
    Metz offers a complete line of feathers to meet your needs. If you haven’t tried a Metz, or haven’t tried one lately, you may be missing out the next revolution in fly tying.

  • Mouches De Charrette - JMC

    Mouches De Charrette - JMC

    One of the French leaders in fly fishing.
    Flies tradition and specialist in tying material.

  • Pêche à soie

    Pêche à soie

    The French specialist of fly fishing natural silks.
    A brand of the company "Au ver à soie".

    Heir to a long French tradition, Au Ver à Soie world leader in silk thread decided to relaunch the production of fly fishing natural silk. Marc Boucher, current Manager of Au ver à Soie, who has also himself a passion for fishing, surrounded himself by a team of specialists and passionate fishermen to bring to life all this know-how born at the beginning of the last century. High quality natural silks designed and manufactured by a 100% French company. These natural silks are available on the Lords of Rivers eShop.

  • Solarez


    Solarez is a specialized brand in sports composite materials such as UV resins used in the manufacture of nymphs.

    In 1985, Wahoo International (makers of Solarez®, LifeSled® and Bullyboard®) began, making composite surfboards and bodyboards. They utilized “unconventional” materials and methods like UV curing resins, composite structures and vacuum bagging techniques. Since the 80’s, Solarez has diversified to over 20 formulas, radically improving (and cleaning) the manufacturing of sporting composites, cabinetry, music instruments, fly fishing, jewelry, hobbies and crafts and paving the way of exciting new technologies like 3D Printing.

  • Stonfo


    Based in Florence, Italy, for thirty years, Stoppioni s.n.c. specialised in the production of accessories for most types of fishing.

    These products are marketed under the Stonfo label through large wholesalers on a world-wide basis. Many items are patented and the company will soon be introducing others to the market as it continue to research and develop new ideas.

    Stonfo works with a variety of different materials in its manufacturing process and all products are entirely developed inside the company from the initial idea to the making and marketing.

  • Swiss CDC

    Swiss CDC

    SWISSCDC is a Swiss company dedicated to fly tying materials.
    They offers a large selection, quality and variety of CDC feathers, CDC dubbing and hare dubbing.

  • Tiemco


    World leader in fly fishing hooks, Tiemco Japan offers a very complete range of hooks meeting the expectations of the most demanding fly fishermen. It's the "must have" of top of the line Hooks. Tiemco hooks are faithful to the tradition of Japanese perfection: the finishes are perfect, the quality and solidity irreproachable.

  • Veevus


    Deservedly acclaimed by the best fly tyers around the world, Veevus threads are the strongest on the market today.
    An extraordinary quality for unusual resistances with a large choice of threads and unique colors (16/0, 14/0, 12/0, 10/0, 8/0, 6/0).

  • Veniard


    Based in England, Veniard is one of the top fly tying suppliers in the world.
    Since 1923 Veniard have been supplying top quality fly tying materials to all international fly tyers.

  • Wapsi


    One of the world's largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fly tying products

    Founded in 1945, Wapsi Fly, Inc. is one of the world's largest manufacturer and wholesale distributor of fly tying products. The quality of Wapsi products is recognized and recommended by professionals all around the world.

  • Whiting


    Based in USA Whiting Farms, Inc. is one of the largest producers of premium quality fly tying feathers in the world. It also now has the broadest range of feathers and is steadily expanding. The mission of Whiting Farms from its inception in 1989 has always been seen to be the supplier of the finest quality fly tying feathers for the tyers of the world and they continue to be committed to this mission.