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Foxy-Tails Predator Tubes (Hard)


Foxy-Tails Predator Tubes (Hard) - Pack 10 Tubes

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The new Foxy-Tails 4.6mm XL Tube (Hard) is a tube manufactured from a harder/stiffer material than the other tubes in the range which is perfect for predator flies using bucktail or other materials where a lot of thread pressure is applied during tying as the tube will not collapse.
The inner diameter of the XL Tube is 3.0mm which means that the 3.0mm Outer Tube fits perfectly inside the new XL Tube.
These tubes are designed for predator and saltwater flies with the tube being just soft enough to insert the eye of smaller predator hooks directly into the tube. If large eye predator hooks are used a rubber hook sleeve will be necessary.
The individual tube length is 200mm and each Pack Contains 10 tubes.


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