Sri Lanka/Ceylon Junglefowl - Full Skin - Lords Of Rivers


Sri Lanka/Ceylon Junglefowl - Full Skin - Lords Of Rivers

Gallus lafayettii

The photos are those of the bird you will receive!

Prepared in the land of strikes
and arrogant roosters

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Sri Lanka/Ceylon Junglefowl - Full Skin - Lords Of Rivers

Gallus lafayettii

Skin prepared by a master taxidermist in France - The mastery of this artisan guarantees you a perfectly prepared product. 

Sri Lanka/Ceylon Junglefowl as its name suggests where comes from this region, we see it more frequently in the east jungle of the country and the coastal dry jungle than in the humid zones of the West. Males are often seen scraping the ground vigorously looking for various seeds, fallen fruits or insects.

Not very social, each male has his own territory where he lives with 2-3 females. It is interesting to note that the crossing of a gray "junglefowl" cock and a red "junglefowl" produces offspring with a coat close to that of a Ceylon Junglefowl.

We might think at first sight that the Sri Lanka/Ceylon Junglefowl is similar for these colors to those of the Red jungle cock, it is not, the feathers of this bird are in fact very different.

If you take care to look at these close-up you will see that the tip of each feather is "V" shaped.

The feathers of this bird will find their place in the tying of cheeks and wings of Victorian flies, or for salmon flies and why not find new uses for sea flies. The side feather s are used on Spey classics models referring to hackles Spey.

The beauty of this skin will certainly make it a masterpiece of a collection and a source of endless possibilities for any Classics ou salmons fly tyer.

Skin from a French breeding farm owned by capable people.

Breeding recognized by the State Washington Convention.

Identification ring on the bird's leg .


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