Natural Parallel L Silk Pêche à soie 30 meters


Natural Parallel L Silk Pêche à soie 32.81 yards (30 meters).

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The parallel silk in numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 are used for small distance fishing and in rapid waters.
They are available in two lengths 16.40 yards (15 meters) or 32.81 yards (30 meters).
Lines in natural silk are denser with a weight for weight as lines made of synthetic threads. Thinner, they cut better the air, they are more subdued and have no memory.
All our Silk lines can be used with all brand of semi-automatic reels such as Peux Fulgor, Vivarelli...

Supplied with no loop.
All our Silk lines SP are sold with a 10 gram jar of grease.


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32.81 yards (30 meters)

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