Veevus thread 14/0 White
  • Veevus thread 14/0 White
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Veevus thread 14/0


Veevus thread 14/0.
109.36 yards / 100 meters bobbin.

  • White
  • FL Yellow Chartreuse
  • Light Olive
  • Pale Green
  • Fluorescent Green
  • Olive
  • Pink
  • Pale Red
  • Red
  • Claret
  • Orange
  • Fluorescent Orange
  • Light Cahill
  • Tan
  • Gray
  • Dun
  • Brown
  • Rusty Brown
  • Dark Brown
  • Black
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This premium 14/0 thread from Veevus in Denmark is stronger than many other comparable threads and will not result in excessive build-up.
Resistance 520 gr (1.15 lb).

Ideal for tying small flies, midges, micro-nymphs or delicate flies without any extra thickness. Twisted flat thread, not waxed, which will delight both beginners and experienced fly tyers for its solidity, its thinness and large choice of colors (20 colors).
It is possible to lock the thread in the "cap" of the bobbin after use to avoid unwanted de-windings in your fly tying box.

For dry flies, nymphs, streamers and wet flies on hook sizes ranging from H14 to H28.


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109.36 yards / 100 meters bobbin
Silk diameter

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